Hair Color Trends for Summer 2023

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A new fashion for hair dyes in the summer of 2023

Summer is always associated with cheerful colours, whether in our appearance or our choice of clothing, including hair dye. This is especially true for girls who enjoy changing their looks from time to time. But how can you achieve this change without knowing the 2023 hair colour trends that await you?

There are many popular shades within the hair colour trends, so you don't have to change your entire hair colour. You can try it on strands of hair or on the ends using the trendy ombre technique.

Blonde Hair

Blonde in its various shades is a timeless trend that never fades. It suits those with warm skin tones, making it a great choice. You can implement this colour through scattered strands of hair or just on the hair ends for a radiant appearance.

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Copper hair

The trend of copper hair colour continues to persist even now in the summer of 2023. It suits all skin tones.

جارٍ عرض beauty-portrait-red-head-woman-posing-pink-wall-wavy-hairs-perfect-smile.jpg

Hazel hair

The hazel colour, which suits all skin tones and all hair types, whether smooth or curly, adds to its wearer's radiance. Especially when styled in a casual manner, the honey shade, whether light or dark, is a trend that never ends. However, the execution-style may vary from year to year.

جارٍ عرض beautiful-keratin-treated-hair.jpg

Red hair

Bold red shades, including scarlet, purple, or violet undertones, especially when applied to select strands of hair, are a strong trend in 2023, particularly for the hair ends.

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Keep in mind that your choice of shade reflects your personality as you explore hair colour trends. Your hair colour journey is an exciting chapter in your self-expression story.